The high profile visit of former US president Barrack Obama has elicited mixed reactions among the political class as the organizers of his visit worked day and night to prepare for the dignitary.

Dr. Auma Obama who was extensively involved in the plans to host the former US President has come under fire from Former Kisumu Deputy Governor Ruth Odiga for comments she made during a live Television interview on Thursday.

Odinga noted that it was not fair for Auma to “insinuate that Kenyans or Luos are known for handouts”.

A disappointed Odinga likened the comments to insults to the Luo community and questioned what the Obama family has done to uplift the lives of the local community.

“Have they offered job opportunities before linking people to handouts? Ms Odinga questioned.

“Where were they when election was rigged as our people were fighting for democracy?” She added.

The former Deputy Governor also criticized the organizers of the visit for allegedly locking out key local leaders out of the launch of the Sauti Kuu Resource center to be presided over by Obama.

During an interview on Citizen TV in which Auma explained the purpose of Obama’s visit, Auma slammed Kenyans for the infamous practice of receiving handouts, urging them to be part of the change that is needed in the country.

“People are impatient. This issue of handout (gonya gonya) should stop guys! Stop! Come on guys!” Auma said.

“What have you done to make a difference in your life, in your country and in your community? Because you cannot sit and wait for Obama. Ask yourself what is your legacy?” She added.

Her comments elicited a sharp reaction on social media.