Labour Export Uganda warns against UAE labour export after slave trade claims

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It's illegal

play Uganda warns against exporting labour to UAE (Courtesy)

Uganda's State Minister for International Affairs has warned against exporting labour to United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Mr. Oryem Henry Okello said Uganda doesn't have labor export agreements with the Middle East country.

He warned companies transporting Ugandans to UAE saying "they are doing it illegal".

The minister's comments come a day after the government of Uganda recalled its ambassador to Abu Dhabi, Nimisha Madvani, over allegations of auctioning Ugandan domestic workers as slaves.

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The allegations were made by MPs on the Defence and Internal Affairs Committee of Parliament that she hosted for a tour in the Arab country.

They said Ugandan girls are “auctioned as commodities" and and taken to serve as slaves in homes.

Mr. Okello assured Parliamentarians on Tuesday that "there is no slave market in United Arab Emirates".

The allegations have caused diplomatic row between the two countries.

Slavery was abolished in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 1963.