Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has reportedly recalled the August House for an urgent sitting on Wednesday over the controversial taxes on social media and mobile money, according to journalist Raymond Mujuni.

The NBS TV journalist is among the people who filed a petition against social media tax before the Constitutional Court.

Mujuni posted on Twitter saying "The small wins are just as important" after revealing that "the speaker has recalled the house for an urgent sitting tomorrow to pay attention to #ThisTaxMustGo"

Ugandans are using the hashtag #ThisTaxMustGo to show discontent against social media and mobile money taxes which came into effect on July 1st.

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Social media tax, formally known as OTT tax, targets users of social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter among others. Users have to pay UGX200 daily through mobile money for access.

A section of Ugandans is planning to hold a peaceful demonstration on Wednesday in protest of these taxes which have caused outrage countrywide.

Last week, police quelled protests organised by Kampala Mobile Money Traders Association over the 1% levy on all total money transactions, withdraws and transfers.

Human rights community

Amnesty International, a non-governmental organization focused on human rights, condemned Uganda's government over social media tax.

The organisation says the tax "is a clear attempt to undermine the right to freedom of expression".