A number of Ugandans are today, Wednesday, holding peaceful demonstrations in the CBD after social media and mobile money tax came into effect on July 1st.

The concerned citizens are protesting against the UGX200 daily social media tax and 0.5% tax levy on total mobile money transactions, transfers, payments and withdraws.

The protesters are wearing red today and intend to march to the Constitutional Square to express their ingrevances.

Ugandans on social media have been using the hashtag #ThisTaxMustGo to raise concern over the controversial taxes that have cause uproar in the country since they came into effect. They want these taxes scrapped.

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Police have not issued any statement about the planned protests. Demonstrators are expecting the worst as they march in protest.


On Tuesday, there were reports that the Speaker of Parliament recalled the August House for an urgent sitting on Wednesday.

The copy of the Parliament's order which we have seen doesn't include a discussion on the two controversial taxxes.

The order paper can be amended during plenary.