Alcohol Abuse Ugandan school girls are sneaking alcohol in sanitary pads

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The education ministry made the shocking revelation

play School girls are sneaking alcohol in pads (Courtesy)

A number of school girls in Uganda is smuggling alcohol into halls of residence using sanitary towels.

The shocking revelation was made by authorities from the ministry of education.

Henry Ssemakula, official from the ministry's department of guidance and counselling, said this form of smuggling alcohol into schools is one of the new tricks they "didn't expect".

He also revealed that students smuggle alcohol in juice bottles, mattresses, jackets and also packaged confectionery like bread.

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play School girls are sneaking alcohol in pads (Courtesy)


Mr. Ssemakula urged school authorities to be very strict and scrutinise all visitors -- and also put tough measures to curb the increasing vice.

A report released by National Drug Authority in 2013 revealed that alcohol was top of the list of substances most abused by students in Uganda, above kuber, cigarettes, shisha, marijuana, khat, murah, and cocaine.

The report further detailed that the percentage of students taking drugs is higher in private as compared to government-aided schools.

In March 2013, CNN ranked Uganda 8th in the world and first on the African continent in liquor intake.