Former Public Service State Minister Patrick Okumu-Ringa has reportedly dismantled after losing recently-concluded Nebbi Municipality Parliamentary election.

The former government official constructed about 10 boreholes to supply water to residents in his constituency about two decades ago, according to New Vision.

The dismantling process lasted about three days shortly after the electoral commission announced the results.

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Okumu-Ringa has been vying for a parliamentary seat without luck ever since 2006 he lost the Padyere County to UPC's David Ringecan.

He told the state-owned newspaper that he doesn't regret dismantling the boreholes he constricted. The former MP promised to reconcile with the residents but "for now, let them look for water elsewhere".

The former government officials accused the residents of "not being appreciative" because "he has educated so many children" and "all I wanted from them was votes".