Social media and mobile money tax items are missing on the agenda, according to a copy of todays Parliament order paper.

On Tuesday, we reported that Speaker of Parliament recalled the August House for an urgent sitting on Wednesday over the controversial taxes.

This was after Speaker Rebecca Kadaga received a petition from Makerere University Guild and a section of mobile-money vendors seeking a review of the taxes.

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The two groups argued that the "policy seems to have double or even multiple taxations on it".

Plenary sitting resumes at 2 PM and only two items are on the order paper; "Receiving the list of Accounting Officers financial year 2018/19" and "Constituting the Sectoral Committees of Parliament for Financial Year 2018/19".

But there is a glimmer of hope

The good news is, the order paper can be amended to include an item on the agenda.

There is a possibility of a Parliament debate on the controversial tax on social media and mobile money.

Order paper: