The racist white man who was seen in a viral video assaulting a Ugandan worker at Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala has reportedly been arrested.

He has been identified as Jimmy Taylor, an American citizen. He is being detained at the Central Police station in Uganda's capital, Kampala.

Taylor was charged with assault and investigations are underway, according to Kampala Metropolitan spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire.

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Jimmy Taylor assaulted a receptionist at Grand Imperial Hotel in the hear of Kampala, Uganda's capital city.

He called the receptionist a "n**gga b**ch" while punching him in the face.

"F**k Uganda, I have come to love Uganda...You obey what I say, I don't obey you. Open my motherf***ng room, N*gga B**ch!," he ranted.

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Taylor told the authorities that he suffers an illness that causes stress.

He claimed that the illness drove him to attack the hotel worker at Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala, Uganda.