Ugandans have been blacklisted from seeking accommodation in hotels in Guangzhou, China.

A senior Ugandan magistrate, Juliet Hatanga, described her ordeal to the BBC saying the Chinese police issued directives three weeks ago to hotel management to bar Ugandans, Nigerians and Kenyans access.

Hatanga says she was denied access to a hotel room she had booked in Guangzhou despite having all necessary travel documents.

The senior magistrate who had travelled on a budget was told to seek accommodation in five-star hotels or hotels which are 50km from the Guangzhou city.

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Reason for blacklisting

She states that the ban reportedly came into effect after a black visitor suspected to be from Uganda, Nigeria and Kenya committed a crime.

Hatanga faults the Chinese government for being unfair. She says they didn't confirm whether the suspect was male or female.

"Just because one black person suspected to be from Kenya Uganda or Nigeria committed a crime, all of us were condemned," she told the BBC.

Ugandan consulate in China.

Hatanga, in her narration, says she contacted the Ugandan Consulate in China after she was denied access.

She says the authorities sent her photos of notices from some hotels barring blacks access.

The notice read "African guests are not welcome," according to Hatanga.

The Chinese embassy in Uganda

The Chinese embassy in Uganda responded to allegations of harassing Ugandans in the Asian country.

The Chinese ambassador told reporters in July that the government had instructed hotel managers to stop the "improper practices".

He, however, reiterated that "there is no hotel in Guangzhou which refuses to accommodate Africans".