A Congolese national has confessed to killing two girls in Kampala last week.

The suspect has been identified as Malimali Ndihoma Sisco Mashal Justine by police authorities.

The bodies of the two girls, who were also Congolese nationals, were found decomposing in an apartment in Rubaga Municipality, days after they were reported missing.

The victims were identified as Hulda Njiba, 20, and Safinah, 24, former students of East African University.

Revenge for betrayal

Authorities disclosed that Malimali was having an affair with one of the girls identified as Njaba -- who later moved on and got another boyfriend.

Detectives believe the suspect acted in revenge for being dumped.

He was arrested by AVIPOL at Entebbe Airport while trying to flee the country.

Malimali, who is currently being detained at Old Kampala, will be charged with murder and kidnap.