Flying Squad operatives terminated with immediate effect

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Flying Squad has been accused of unprofessional conduct

play A Ugandan police officer during a training drill (Courtesy)

Police have terminated services of Flying Squad Unit operatives with immediate effect.

The unit has been notorious for robberies, illegal use of guns and indiscipline. At least 90 operatives have been affected by the new directive from the Flying Squad Unit commander Peter Kakonge.

The directive was communicated in a memo dated November 5th.

"All those who have been working with Flying Squad as operatives their services have been terminated with effect from 5th November 2018 until further notice."

play Flying Squad operatives terminated with immediate effect (Courtesy)

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Human rights lawyer Nichola Opiyo took to Twitter to describe the move as "one step in the right direction".

Opiyo believes "more could be done" by "prosecuting these criminal elements and disbanding the Flying Squad of the Uganda Police".


In May, Inspector General of Police Ochola Okoth disbanded the Flying Squad Department with a small section of operatives reporting to Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Directorate (CIID)

The unit was formed in 2012 to respond with urgency to high crimes rates in the Ugandan capital of Kampala.

Since then, it has been accused of unprofessional conduct, violence and criminality.