Ugandas Prime Minister (PM) Ruhakana Rugunda has announced that the controversial social media and mobile money taxes will be reviewed.

The taxes took effect on July 1st causing an uproar in the general public.

Telecommunication service providers prompted users to make payment of a daily UGX200 ($0.05) tax use of platforms like Twitter and Facebook -- while a 0.5% tax applied on all mobile money transactions.

The country's PM told Parliament on Wednesday that "government has noted public concerns regarding some of the elements in implementation of especially tax on mobile money transactions and OTT".

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"Government is now reviewing the taxes taking into consideration the concerns of the public and its implications on the budget

"The review is being expedited to ensure that Government presents an Amendment of the Excise Duty (Amendment) Act 2018 to this House for debate on Thursday next week (19th July 2018)." Rugunda told Parliament.

He added that the president provided guidance and "encouraged further discussion with a view to reaching consensus" without causing unbearable burden to the citizens.

Rugunda reiterated that the government is committed to ensuring that the controversial taxes are streamlined with the concern of Ugandans and the development agenda

The decision to review the controversial taxes comes after series of peaceful demonstrations and protests from different groups of people.