At least 12 fishermen are dead and several others are unaccounted for on Lake Edward following the clashes between Ugandan and Congolese forces.

Reports indicate that over the past one week, Ugandan and Congolese forces have been exchanging fire at the disputed border lake.

Lake Edward, which runs along the border between southwestern Uganda and northeastern DRC, and its area is home to the Virunga national park.

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Exchange of gunfire

A senior official from North Kivu province told DW that "12 bodies of our compatriots are still floating on Lake Edward".

The Congolese official claims that "Ugandan troops are opening fire on anything that moves" and this is limiting the retrieval of the bodies.

What caused the gunfire

Congolese government alleges that Ugandan forces initiated the gunfire on the Congolese patrol.

The patrol was sent to the lake to investigate reports why several Congolese fishermen had been stopped by the Ugandan forces on Congolese water.


Tensions between the two countries at the disputed border lake have been increasing since the beginning of this year over the lake's energy resources.

The Congolese have continued to accuse Ugandan forces of encroaching on their territory which falls inside Congo's North Kivu province.