Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagyulanyi aka Bobi Wine is receiving treatment in the US for the injuries he sustained after allegedly being tortured by Ugandan soldiers in detention.

The 36-year-old lawmaker addressed reporters on Thursday in Washington DC alongside his international lawyer Robert Amsterdam.

During the press briefing on Thursday, Wine said he was doing it against the advice of his doctors and family because he was "brutally tortured by armed soldiers from SFC, beaten and abused and locked up in military barracks".

Running for presidency

Robert Kyagulanyi on Thursday reiterated on what he thinks about running for the presidency in the next election. He said what is happening in Uganda is not about is not about "Museveni or me".

"I come from the ghetto. All we desire is to have a say in Uganda. It's not about Museveni or me or anybody. It's about the people of Uganda, they are the masters of their own destiny

"I'm just one of the more than 40 million Ugandans who want justice and dignity. That is why it's people power".

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Ugandans want freedom

Bobi Wine, 36, told reporters in Washington DC that Ugandans want freedom and to live in a country where "leaders serve them".

"It's a privilege for me to be here, what I can do is speak for those people," Bobi Wine said.

He added that: "I had never left my country because of treatment. But this time I was scared that our health institutions did not have the capacity to treat me. I was arrested at the airport in presence of a government doctor".

What Bobi Wine wants activists to do?

Bobi Wine briefly answered an activist on what should be their next course action in raising awareness about human rights violations in Uganda.

He said: "Stand with the oppressed and not the oppressor".

Meeting the Congress

Kyagulanyi's international lawyer Robert Amsterdam on Thursday said they will meet congressmen and inform them about the brutality going on in Uganda.

"We want the American taxpayer to know what they are paying for. The Ugandan public deserves better, Africa's youth deserve better. Bobi Wine and his colleagues can no longer be silent victims of torture and brutality," Amsterdam said.

Suspend military funding.

Amsterdam wants the US government to suspend the military funding to Uganda. He argues that the military equipment is being used as a way to terrorise Ugandans.

"Uganda has a long-standing history of political violence and this can no longer continue

"We have made the determination that we are going to investigate the deaths, car accidents and suspicious poisoning of those who dare to speak about the govt of Uganda," Amsterdam said.

Foreign agencies supporting Bobi Wine

Reports that Bobi Wine is being supported by foreign agencies have been describing as false by his international law.

"I have been hearing a lot of comments that because Bobi Wine has a foreign lawyer, there's a foreign agent involved. That's not true. Museveni's regime is a foreign agent of the US military".