The end game is to put an end to Museveni's dictatorship - Bobi Wine

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Bobi Wine spoke candidly about People Power and how it's shaking the political ground

play President Kaguta Museveni shaking hands with Bobi Wine (Courtesy)

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine, has said the end game of People Power is to end President Museveni's dictatorship.

The legislator explained during an interview with NBS TV on Wednesday morning while giving an insight into country's political situation.

In the televised interview, Wine, 36, sparked more light on People Power, a political movement which he symbolises.

play President Kaguta Museveni shaking hands with Bobi Wine (Courtesy)


He said the movement's first objective "was to get the leaders to listen to us" because they had used violence on past vibrant opposition leaders.

"People power has finally gotten the ground below their feet moving. We are getting the end game.

"The end game is to put an end to Museveni dictatorship because he is still in power, but at least you can see that we are progressing.

"People power is not just about me.  It is everyone that believes in servant leadership. We have all these problems in the country because of our leaders."

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play Bobi Wine supporter during the Kyadondo East by-elections in 2017 (Courtesy)


Running for the presidency in 2021

Musician-turned-MP reiterated that he has no intentions of running for the presidency in the 2021 election where President Museveni is expected to seek for another term in office.

He stated that the main intention right now is "to take complete charge of the country, not just the presidency".

"We shall cross that bridge when we get there, we are still in 2018."

"We are the babies right now but we are yet to surprise the old people (jajjas).  We are telling Museveni that we are coming for that chair he is sitting in. I call upon all Ugandans to register as voters."

Museveni, 74, has been controversially winning all presidential elections since he came in power in 1986.

The opposition has accused his government of vote-rigging, violence and intimidation against voters.