Sex Slaves Worry as 40 Ugandan women are rescued from traffickers in Thailand

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Thai authorities say the operation is one of the largest ever in recent years

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At least 40 Ugandan women have been rescued from a human trafficking racket by authorities in the Southeast Asian country of Thailand.

AEC News is reporting that the group of women was en route to some Asian countries, including Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore among others, where they were reportedly going to be used as slaves.

7 victims returned to their home country, two other cases are in the pre-trial stage while other 30 are currently at an immigration detention facility in the capital Bangkok.

Authorities in Thailand have describe the operation as the largest ever in the recent years.

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About 30 arrest warrants have been issued to Uganda human traffickers and 15 women have been freed in the last weeks, according to the head of the Thailand Anti Trafficking in Persons Task Force (TATIP).

Two Ugandan human traffickers are awaiting trial Southeast Asian country.

The "grandmother" of trafficking of Ugandan women into Thailand's sex industry was arrested from Bangkok on May 7th during an operation where 27 women were apprehended.

The Thai officials claim that human traffickers are using witchcraft to charm the victims.

Lt. Gen. Vaisaya of TATIP said the country's Prime Minister has made the fight against human trafficking a "national agenda" and there will be no more trafficking of human beings.

Trafficking is a roughly $12 billion industry in Thailand, according to the International Labor Organization.

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