Rashid Echesa who was sacked from the Sports docket has disclosed that he attended adult school with Mombasa governor Hassan Joho.

Echesa who was speaking at a public rally in Matungu divulged that when he was appointed as a Cabinet Secretary, he found it necessary to enroll in an adult school owing to the fact hat he was not well educated.

The former CS revealed that he was surprised when he ran into Joho who was also enrolled in the same school.

Eches a narrated that the Mombasa county boss was the most stupid person at the school.

"Mimi vile nilipewa kazi ya uwaziri, mnajua masomo [yangu] ilikuwa chini kidogo, nikasema niende kwa ngumbaru. (When I was appointed as a minister, I enrolled in adult school since I did not have a strong education background)

"Ile gumbaru nilienda yule nilipata Joho. Kwa hiyo gumbaru, mtu mjinga wa mwhisho alikuwa Joho, (I met Joho in that school. He was the most stupid person)," Echesa stated.

Mombasa governor Hassan Joho

A fiery Echesa warned COTU boss against comparing Joho to DP William Ruto, stating that whereas Ruto is a PHD holder, Joho’s academic qualifications do not match the same.

Below is the video.

He also slammed Atwoli for his remarks in which dismissed DP Ruto’s 2022 bid, stating that a plan had been hatched to block DP William Ruto from contesting for the presidency in 2022.