Dating Interesting topics to talk about while on a first date

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Do not bore your date to death

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Being single does have its benefits but it gets tiring and at one point you need to start putting yourself out there and going on dates to try and find love again.

A date can either go well, awkward or end up being a total nightmare. It all boils down to things like chemistry and how the date flows. One of the things that make a date successful is the conversational topics. I mean, imagine you’re both on a date and have nothing to say to each other? You’re just awkwardly shifting on your chair and sipping on your drink? TRAGIC.

You gotta be interesting, without being overboard. By overboard, I mean, keep away from extremely controversial topics that could lead to a heated unhealthy debate. Topics such as religion, politics and some topics on sexuality are always a no-go zone on a first date. However, there are a tone of other topics you can engage each other in and have a bomb ass date. Still, it’s always important to read your date’s mood and personality first.

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Here are interesting topics you can talk about while on a date:

1. TV programs and series that you both relate to.

Anything that sparks nostalgia is definitely a thumbs up. You could talk about childhood TV programs or current programs. Imagine if you’re both Game of Thrones fans…that’s already a conversation starter right there.



2. Current trends.

You could get your date’s opinion on current trends be it in the tech or fashion world. It would be a great conversation especially if you’re both sapiosexuals.


3. World issues.

If you’re the kind that loves deep talk, go all in on world issues, talk about immigration problems, Donald Trump, gun control, African Leaders…you get the drift? I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for an intelligent conversation with a like-minded human. Shallow topics like someone bragging about their money is sooooo erm, like not interesting? (Is there a word for that?)

4. A good joke.

“I hate jokes” said no one ever. But then again, the key word here is good! If you have a winning joke that will without a doubt make your date laugh, go for it. Especially if you have tested the joke on other people before. Nothing more awkward than telling a joke that no one understands. Or telling a joke that makes you sound like an asshole. Avoid ignorant jokes that make fun of people at least till you get to know someone better.


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5. Talk about your favorite authors and some of the best books you have read.

If you’re on a date with someone mature, they probably have a favorite book and it’s always nice to add one read or two to your books to read list!


6. Pet peeves, likes and interests.

At the end of the day, you’re on the date to get to now this person and see if there’s any chemistry and combability. So, talk about things you both like and don’t like. Talk about some of your hobbies and interests so that at the end of the day, you can judge if you can actually be with this person or issa no…




7. Work.

They say you should never talk about work on a date but I say break that rule and get to talk a bit about work. Find out what the person does; you might even end up proposing to work on a project for him. Going on a date and actually cashing in from that how bou dah! No seriously though, the other day I went on a date and my date, on finding out about my work proposed me a future project. So guys, don’t shy off from the work topic.




8. Tattoos and piercings.

Topics can also shift around from intelligent to 'shallow' topics for a good balance. Talk about tattoos, ask the date if they have any piercings and tattoos and if not, what their take is on the trend.


9. Travel.

Where has your date been, what’s their favorite town/city/country? Where they would want to live or visit in future etc. Travel stories always make for great conversational topics. Your date might actually end up having one of those super interesting ‘Banged Up Abroad’ stories that just might make your night!



10. The big ol “So, what’s your story?”

Yup, cliché A.F but necessary. Lol. How I see this question is, you want your date to basically give a small synopsis of their life, where they are at now and basically what they’re looking for in the relationship.


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