Is it just me or are we spotting younger men with older women more and more?

Since the beginning of time, women were conditioned to believe that they should date men older than them. In fact, if a guy tells his friends that he is dating an older woman, he might get a shocking reaction “Wait what?! You’re with a cougar? For the money? How’s the sex? Dude are you serious?” Hehe. Personally, I see no problem with younger guys going for older women and in fact, this is a trend that we need to see more and more. French President, Macron set the precedent. Anyway, without further ado, I will give you all the reasons why you should date a woman slightly older than you at least once. (And I don't mean a sugar mummy, there's a difference guys...)

1. First of all, an older woman is independent and will not have that ‘Nibuyie’ mentality. She can handle her own…

Woman with money (File Photo) Woman with money (File Photo)

2. And her drinks in the club too.

Yup she won’t bring all her BFFs expecting you to sort out all the bills like these small college girls. She and her friends can bankroll themselves.

Couple drinking Couple drinking

3. Since we are still on the money bit, she will probably take care of you, money-wise, every once in a while, how bou dah?

4. She’s experienced, in all aspects of life; relationships, career, sex, and she knows what she wants.

An older woman has already figured herself out and that means, she knows how to achieve an orgasm or two on her own. So, the sex will be great.

Black couple in bed (Courtesy) Black couple in bed (Courtesy)

5. But, yes, there’s always a but in everything good. You will have to have stamina because, older women are horny AF.

Getting to orgasmland Getting to orgasmland

6. As a plus, you don’t have to worry about getting her pregnant.

She’s either reached menopause or have her own kids or really, isn’t in it to get preggers. Soooo you’re sorted! No abortion money and the likes.

7. She’s classy.

Getting wasted on one long Island and twerking all night? Nah, she’s over it. She will upgrade you the better side of life. Nice restaurants, great drinks, travel etc.

Rita Dominic does it again in this stunning and classy outfit by Tiffany Amber [Credit: Instagram/ritadominic] Rita Dominic does it again in this stunning and classy outfit by Tiffany Amber [Credit: Instagram/ritadominic]

8. She will be caring as she has motherly instincts and will treat you with care.

9. She’s not about the drama.

An older woman knows exactly what she wants, her communication is straight forward. The minute she senses drama, she’s out.

10. You will have a lot to learn from her.

Over the years, she’s gained knowledge on many things be it love, work life, managing finances etc.

Couple discussing finances (Courtesy)
BusinessInsider USA Images
Couple discussing finances (Courtesy)

11. You will become mature and leave your boyish ways like sagging your pants.

Sagging pants (Fox 23) Sagging pants (Fox 23)

12. If you’re about that matatu life, your life maybe upgraded if you start living with her as she has her own car, home and life and it’s definitely better than yours.

13. Trust me, her vagina is not wrinkled and her breasts are just fine.

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