It's officially Ramadan time.

This is that time of the year when Muslims break into a holy month of fasting to be near to God. During this month, men and women who are over the adolescent age fast from dawn to dusk. The reason as to why they fast is mostly to remind themselves that Allah is the provider of basic things and to remember to be appreciative of the little things in life. During this month, Muslims are not required to be materialistic and in fact, there's a lengthy list of things they're not allowed to do such as have sex, gossip or engage in acts considered sinful. Ramadan is all about experiencing what's it's like for the less fortunate, strengthening your faith and willpower and bringing each other closer as a community by sharing meals.

Now, during this month, many Non-muslims ask many questions, some are out of sheer curiosity but we should be mindful and not come across as ignorant. In that light, here are questions not to ask a Muslim during Ramadan:

1. So, you can't eat all day?

No. They are not allowed to eat while they are fasting. However, they do break the fast later in the day after dusk.

2. Wow, even water?

No, even water.

3. OMG you're not even allowed to chew gum?

No, they're not cause gum has some nutrients that can provide energy.

Chewing gum(Shutterstock) Chewing gum(Shutterstock)

4. Can you have sex?

Only married couples can have sex after they break the fast.

5. Are you sure you're not doing this to loose weight?

Seriously? SMH.

6. Who will see you if you eat?

Allah is watching...hello?

7. You must be starving...

No Samantha, I'm actually very satisfied. Thanks so much for your very sensitive question...

8. Can you fast at night instead?

9. How can you survive all day without eating?

Allah gives us strength.

10. Do you always eat Biriyani after you break the fast?