I know society has taught us that the man should always be older. But such are some of the dating rules we should consider breaking. What you if you get along so well with a guy who is, let’s say five years younger? Do you just avoid them because of age?

If you had never thought of it, it’s time you consider giving it a try. You might actually be surprised that it works better than those you’ve had with older guys.

Here are some convincing reasons backed up by science as to why you should date a younger guy:

1. You will be very satisfied

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If you asked how many people are satisfied with their current relationships, you’d be surprised. Given a chance to choose again, some of those already in marriages would not even choose their partner again. All this is about satisfaction. Luckily, research has it that women in a relationship with younger men are actually more satisfied as compared to those who are with older guys. According to a study published in the Psychology of Women Quarterly Journal, women were not only satisfied but also more committed to the relationship.

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2. You will be successful

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Isn’t this a good enough reason to get a younger man for yourself? After all, we all want to be successful in our careers. A survey by Toyboy Warehouse showed that 50% of women dating younger guys were working in higher managerial roles. This is probably because a younger man is more likely to be supportive instead of being jealous of your achievements.

3. It’s easier to conceive

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For a long time, it has been believed that the biological clock only ticks for women. It’s always the woman who is put under pressure to get married and get children before she hits menopause. But no. Science has proven that the biological clock affects men as well. In that essence, it’s even more difficult for an older woman to conceive with an older guy. All the same, studies suggest that older women would have an easier time conceiving when trying it with a younger partner.

There goes the great benefits. On to you now to decide!