Would you even tell your partner if they have bad breath? It’s such a sensitive issue that you would have to think about carefully.

Saying something is not always an issue, but rather how you say it. First, this is someone you love and you really don’t want to hurt their feelings or make them have esteem issues. At the same time, you don’t want your partner to become the topic of discussion due to their smelly mouth.

So, whatever the case, you need to come up with a way to pass the message to them. How you do it will, of course, depend on how sensitive your partner is and how free you are with each other.

After talking to different people, we got some tips that can be helpful if you are ever caught in such a situation.

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1. Tell them upfront

Bad breath can be very embarrassing

Easy peasy. This, however, is not for everyone. If you can comfortably pull this method without feeling awkward, then go for it. It’s straight to the point and although the person may not like it, they will be grateful that you were honest.

2. Offer them gum or sweets

Chewing gum freshens breath (turbosquidcom)

If you don’t have the guts to tell them, you can as well give them gum to freshen their breath. If you do this several times, they’ll probably figure out that you are trying to pass a message.

3. Say something like, your breath has changed lately

Onions, garlic as well as coffee and alcohol amongst other factors can also cause bad breath

This doesn’t sound like you are attacking them. You could also tell them that something is off about their breath.

4. Offer a solution

Instead of just telling them that they have bad breath, you can start by providing a solution. For instance, you could suggest to them to try some oral products which you think could be helpful.

5. Own the problem

Help your partner overcome knowledge(Wired)

Or else, be part of the problem so that the burden doesn’t fall wholly on them. You could suggest that both of you go for a dental check-up if you are certain that it’s more than a hygiene issue.

6. Make it brushing time

Encourage your partner to brush teeth (The Conversation)

Tell your partner it’s time to brush your teeth and do the same as well.

7. Take the long path

Ask them if they have a cavity if they brushed their tongue or what toothpaste they use. If they ask why then you can tell them that their breath has a funny smell.

8. Make it a joke

Bad breath gif(Giphy)

If you are free with each other, then you can as well make a joke out of their bad breath and they will know what to do. You could say something like, ‘kwani ulioga na ukasahau kubrush?’ and say it on a very light tone.