When you meet someone online, or perhaps a friend hooks you up with someone, chances are, at one point, you will have to go on a first date to get to know each other better and see if the two of you have any chemistry whatsoever and if at all that date will lead to another and maybe even morph into a relationship. Going to meet someone for the first time can be a little exciting, but also scary. Technically, you don’t quite know this person well, especially if you met them online and for that reason, you should always take some safety measures when going on a first date, just to be sure! Here are some:

1. I like to use a different mode of communication than phone when dealing with first date candidates.

If you have two phone numbers, you could give them your less active number. Alternatively, you could also communicate via the channel you met and agree on the place and time. Essentially, you don’t really have to exchange numbers…yet. The good thing with not swapping numbers is that it allows you to sort of just ghost out on this person if they turn out to be some creep or someone not worth your time. Trust me on this one!

2. Sort out your own transport to and from the date.

It might be tempting to get that free ride when he asks “Do you want me to pick you up?”. No sis, even if you’ve been talking with this person for a while and feel like you know him well, he’s still a stranger. If you let him pick you up, he will know where you live and it’s a little too soon for that.

3. Google him.

This sounds borderline stalker-ish but it’s better to know what you’re dealing with. You could find out a lot of information online about this person, the good and bad. If bad, cancel the date immediately. Similarly, reverse search his images to see if he’s truly who he says he is.

Google your date before going to meet him Google your date before going to meet him

4. Meet in a public place.

This is no brainer. You’re definitely not going to agree to a ‘polite Netflix and chill’ first date or are you? That’s a no no! Always meet in a public place to be safe. A crowded coffee shop where they cannot pull a weird stunt like trying to kidnap you or something.

Meet in a public place during the first date Meet in a public place during the first date

5. Do not leave your drink unattended.

Date drugs are so easily accessible nowadays. It’s so easy for someone to just slip a pill in your drink and before you know it, you’re feeling light-headed and God forbid, you end up being raped. If you need to use the bathroom, finish your drink first then go. You can always buy another drink.

Ketamine is the third most popular date rape drug in America Ketamine is the third most popular date rape drug in America

6. Let a close friend or relative know where you are.

Lest you go missing - at least people can trace your last activities. In fact, go ahead and give them details of the date. Where you are, with whom and his mobile number if possible. This is especially when you’re quite unsure of the person.

7. Carry condoms.

Sometimes, the date goes so well and you end up, you know, getting a little frisky and may even end up in a one-night stand. Always be prepared because? Better safe than sorry. 

Condom Condom