Marriage is all fun and games, till you get to a point where the honeymoon phase is over, and boredom starts to creep in.

It’s not always easy to keep the fire burning in a relationship, but at the same time, it’s not impossible. In most cases, things start to fall apart because you stop doing the things you did in the beginning of the relationship. You suddenly stop for going for date nights, surprising each other with gifts, you let yourself go and before you even know it, it’s been months since you last had sex. Just what are some of the things that lead to a sexless marriage?

1. Weight gain.

Let’s face it. People get too comfortable after getting married and stop looking after themselves. When you add weight, not only will you start being self-conscious about yourself but you may also lack energy to get down and dirty and before you know it, every other day, you’re ‘too tired’. The other negative side of adding weight or failing to look after yourself is that your partner may start to be less attracted to you and start straying. So, keep fit, look after your body and don’t let yourself go.

Overweight (Black Coffy) Overweight (Black Coffy)

2. You let your sex life take a back seat.

You focus on everything else besides your wife or husband. Your focus is on your job and the kids and your passions. You don’t even ask your partner how their day was or how they’re holding up. Every once in a while, it’s good to take a break from the kids. Let the nanny watch them and take a breather – go out of town on a romantic getaway and rekindle your love.

3. You leave your differences unsolved.

Dating and relationship experts always advice couples not to go to bed angry at each other. Some people are stubborn. Conflict management in a relationship is very essential because if you’re always angry at each other, then that’s recipe for disaster in your relationship.

4. Stress and depression.

If one of the partner is stressed, then obviously, the last thing on their mind is sex. Depressed people have low energy, they experience lack of concentration and constantly have suicidal thoughts and a lack of sense of enjoying life.

This depressed man needs advice fast This depressed man needs advice fast

5. Mismatched libidos.

It happens, that one partner has a high libido while the other doesn’t. In this case, you could try foods that boost libido or try different things like sex toys.

6. Childbirth.

After a woman gives birth, it takes time to feel comfortable enough to have sex again. You have no choice as the husband but to go at her pace. After sometime, once she fully heals, she will be okay to have sex.

Baby sleeping Baby sleeping

7. Other factors such as,

Erectile dysfunction, addiction to pornography and infidelity.