This current cold weather is definitely not for outdoorsy dates.

Cold weather is great especially when you just plan on staying indoors. If you have to go for a date with bae during this cold season, what are your options? We have a list of fun things you can do in the sweater weather:

1. Turn the heat up in the kitchen.

Instead of going out to eat, make a comfort meal at home. You could both try out a recipe you've meaning to try or make a signature meal.

Couple cooking (Courtesy) Couple cooking (Courtesy)

2. Go indoor rock climbing.

You can go to Climb Blue Sky which is located at Diamond Plaza and it's actually a sporty but fun activity that will leave you both warm.

Indoor rock climbing (Courtesy)
Hana Asano
Indoor rock climbing (Courtesy)

3. Have a board game night in.

I don't know about you but I love me some board games and I'm pretty competitive. You can have a night in, playing different games over some tea, wine or beers.

monopoly board game
monopoly board game

4. Have a bonfire and enjoy some chill music.

If you don't have a yard, you could light up the portable clay chimneys and just chill at the balcony and keep warm as you cuddle.

5. Netflix and chill.

The actual Netflix and chill. Get a warm blanket, snuggle on the couch and binge watch a show or movie you have been meaning to watch together and then basically end the evening with some kisses and some love making.

Couple watching TV (Courtesy) Couple watching TV (Courtesy)

6. Catch the latest movie at the cinema.

We all know that sometimes, being indoors too much even in the cold weather can get a little boring. You could catch the latest movie at the cinema and enjoy together.

Avengers Endgame poster at Century Imax cinema, Garden City Mall, Nairobi Avengers Endgame poster at Century Imax cinema, Garden City Mall, Nairobi

7. Bowling.

You can never go wrong with a bowling date.

Bowling (Courtesy)
Bowling (Courtesy)