5 great benefits of drinking maziwa mala

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It's great for your health

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Maziwa mala is a type of traditional yogurt made at home.

It’s simply made by boiling the milk to kill bacteria, then storing it in a container for some days to allow fermentation. It should also be kept in a warm place away from direct sunlight. If you have some sour milk already, you can add it to the fresh milk to speed up the fermentation process.

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And besides being a sweet delicacy to eat with ugali, maziwa mala has amazing health benefits.

Check out some of them:

1. Heart health

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Research shows that sour milk helps in lowering all types of cholesterol in the body. High levels of cholesterol in the body leads to cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and stroke. But drinking mala more often could at least keep you safe.

2. Boost the immune system

If you want to spike up your immunity, then you should start drinking soured milk more often. It contains vitamins and nutrients that are known to boost the immune system thus protecting you from diseases and infections.

3. Detoxification

Studies have it that sour milk contains compounds that aid in eliminating toxins from your liver. It does this by enhancing the function of the pancreas and the liver. And since our bodies need detoxification every once in a while, you can try sour milk as a natural detoxifier.

4. Digestion

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The cultures in fermented milk enhance the digestion process, prevents constipation, bloating and cramping. It’s thus also perfect for pregnant women since most of them have to deal with constipation problems.

5. Lactose intolerance

Some kids and even adults have lactose intolerance and their bodies hence react after consuming milk. Fortunately, soured milk is less in lactose making it suitable for those who develop allergies after consuming milk.