Best celebrity red carpet moments of 2018 (Photos)

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The kings and queens of red carpet fashion

play L-R Anita Nderu Brenda Wairimu (Instagram)

Increasingly, Kenyan celebrities are pulling up their socks when it comes to red carpet fashion, following in the steps of their South and West African counterparts.

Perhaps that’s because they are seeing the need to build their brand and so they solicit the services of local fashion designers and stylists. 2018 had many red carpet moments, spanning from award shows like Groove Awards and Kenya Wedding Awards, to upscale events attended by the cream of the crop of the Kenyan showbiz, such as the viewing of the nuptials between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle - an event dubbed ‘the 100 million viewing party’, where local celebrities stepped out clad like royalties. Indeed, we saw that there’s a lot of potential when it comes to red carpet fashion in Kenya and these were some of the most notable red carpet moments of 2018.

1. Disconnect the movie premier.

The much-anticipated movie premiered in April and celebrities did not miss the dress to impress memo. Anita Nderu and Brenda Wairimu stole the show - Anita was clad in a long shimmery black gown with an overskirt, a masterpiece by Sewe Kenya, while Brenda wore a red number with sheer details and a feathery fish tail, by fashion designer, Ogake Mosomi.

play Anita Nderu at Disconnect the Movie premier dressed in Sewe Kenya (Instagram)


play Brenda Wairimu at Disconnect the movie premier dressed in Ogake Mosomi (Instagram)


2. Kenya Wedding Awards.

The Kenya Wedding Awards was a gala event held in June, to recognize the movers and shakers in the wedding industry. Award winning Kenyan fashion designer, Aulgah Nato stunned at the red carpet in a form-fitting red off-shoulder dress with a thigh high slit.

play Fashion Designer Aulgah Nato at the Kenya Wedding Awards (Instagram)


3. Groove Awards 2018.

The ever so big gospel event took part in June and like in the past, celebrities failed miserably to dress the part. However, Avril looked angelic, clad in all white, while gospel sensation, Masterpiece wore a printed suit paired with a turtleneck. Awinja was also pretty in a monochrome look of a jumpsuit with an overskirt.

play Avril at the Groove Awards 2018 (Instagram luciamusaulive)

play Gospel artiste, Masterpiece at the Groove Awards 2018 (Instagram)

play Jacky Vike at the Groove Awards 2018 (Instagram luciamusaulive)


4. The Kalasha Awards.

The Kalasha awards went down in November to recognize and award those making money moves in the film industry. Catherine Kamau stole the show in a pretty interesting outfit of a form-fitting capped jumpsuit that set tongues wagging.

play Catherine Kamau at Kalasha Awards 2018 (Instagram)


5. Rafiki movie film cast at the Cannes Film Festival 2018.

The trio, consisting of film director, Wanuri Kahiu and cast members, Sheila Munyiva and Samantha Mugatsia were elegant in crisp, clean chic white fits that screamed ‘classy’. The film festival took place in France, in May.

play L-R Sheila Munyiva, Wanuri Kahiu and Samantha Mugatsia at the Cannes Film Festival 2018 (Instagram)


6. The one million viewing party by Samantha Bridal.

During the much-hyped royal wedding viewing party that took place at the pristine Windsor Hotel in May, guests came dressed in their best ‘royal outfits’ albeit, not many really got the ‘how to dress like a royal’ memo. However, luxury marketing and PR guru, Lucia Musau stunned in a peach dress with floral details and staying true to the theme, she accessorized it with a fascinator. The queen would definitely approve.

play Lucia Musau at the One Million viewing party at the Windsor Hotel (Instagram)


7. Dettolia launch.

In July, Dettol launched the Dettol eventone pomegranate soap in a star-studded event held at the Dusit Hotel. Anita Nderu looked like a princess in a sheer white dress encrusted with crystals.

play Anita Nderu at Dettolia Launch (Instagram)


8. Mixa launch.

During the beauty product launch in March, Janet Mbugua was the queen of the red carpet in a black jumpsuit with cut out details.

play Janet Mbugua at Mixa Launch (Instagram)


9. Sikh Awards.

The event was held in October at Ole Sereni Hotel to recognize the pivotal contributions made by the Sikh community. Julie Gichuru stunned in a bustier gown with embroidery details and an overskirt.

play Julie Gichuru at Sikh Awards (Instagram)

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