Turn your old t-shirt into an off-shoulder top with this quick DIY

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From t-shirt to off-shoulder in a minute

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Off-shoulder tops are pretty stylish, regardless of the season. It’s probably one of the trends that will always be enduring.

If you’re a girl that loves to slay on a budget, then you’re probably well aware that shopping for clothes can be quite expensive. But, if you’re crafty, there’s no need to spend so much money on clothes when you can simply DIY. The great thing with DIY is that if you’re not so crafty yourself, you can borrow some inspiration from all the youtubers out there, who are pretty skilled. So, without blabbering on, we will how you how to turn an old t-shirt into a fancy off shoulder top in just a minute. How about that?

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All you will need is a well-fitting cotton t-shirt that you no longer wear, a pen or chalk and a pair of scissors. It’s advisable to use a cotton t-shirt as the fabric is easier to stretch. Also, make sure that it’s a t-shirt that typically fits you well.


1. First, lay your t-shirt on a flat surface.

2. Then, place two fingers from the arm to help guide you with where you will cut.

play T-shirt to off-shoulder top DIY (Deekay Bright)


3. Using your chalk or pen, draw lines across the neck of the t-shirt, again, being guided by the two fingers.

play A DIY guide for turning a t-shirt into an off-shoulder top (Deekay Bright)


4. Cut the material around the neck the stretch the t-shirt properly, in all sides.

play DIY t-shirt to off-shoulder top (Deekay Bright)


5. Voila, you have yourself a cute off shoulder top in a matter of seconds.

play DIY off-shoulder top (Reyna Rey)

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