I arrived to Nairobi only a few days ago and I could not have had a better first weekend in this impressive but crazy country. Thrift Social was my first big night/day out and it was the most amazing and incredible thing ever.

I arrived there on my own with no big expectations and I can tell you I was overwhelmed. To calm down and to get a feeling for this event I decided to walk around the place a little.

My first impression was that I was totally underdressed from head to toe with my jeans jacket and boring colourful trousers. Everyone was so creative with their looks and just so good looking. They were probably looking at me being like ‘what, an unstylish white loner is that girl’.

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But I still didn’t feel out of place or anything, I was just really enjoying myself looking at all the cool stands and people. Then I went to the stage and that was when the real fun started. People were already dancing, drinking (only the big bottles - nothing small) and saving their places for the main act Sautisol. The vibe was just so cool and friendly! I directly made new friends who invited me to drinks (in exchange for cigarettes obviouslyyy…) and to just hang with them. From there we continued to dance the night away watching the coolest acts and having the best drunk night.

It was so different to everything I had ever witnessed before. This event just blew my mind: the colours, the people, the style, the music (btw I totally want to marry Sauti Sol’s guitarist now), the whole atmosphere!

I tell you at home I would have never gone to a festival on my own but here in Kenya it was so easy. Everyone was so open, welcoming and fun with me. And btw if you are not Kenyan and have ever wondered what real Kenyan fashion looks like, Uhuru Gardens would have been the place for you this Sunday. I cannot wait for all the other coolest experiences I will make and events I will go to here in Kenya.