This past weekend, two great things happened; the Lunar Eclipse and Eric Wainainas album launch.

'Dream in Stereo', which features local and international musicians was described by Eric as his best album yet and was launched under the Lunar Eclipse live at The Elephant. This was his fourth album; he last released an album in 2006 so the launch was quite a milestone for the singer/songwriter extraordinaire. Everyone who loves a dose of Eric's music was there to support him and dare I say that it was a brilliant evening of food, drinks, great vibes and stellar performances. Sage, Ayrosh and Tetu Shani were the curtain raisers, while DJ D-Lite held it down on the decks.

The man of the hour himself, Eric serenaded us with uber amazing songs such as 'Hallelujah People', 'Okay' and 'Hold Me Down', from his new album which is now available on iTunes. I must admit that Eric's talent and musical prowess is unmatched. His vocals were literally a blessing to our ears and he was greatly complemented by his band and background singers. He completed his set by performing some songs from his previous albums, 'Twende Twende' and 'Sawa Sawa' such as 'Dek Dek' and 'Daima'. Generally, it was an outstanding evening and those in attendance left the premises happy, entertained and content!

Have a look at some of the photos from the event:

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All images courtesy of Gufy.