Pregnancy health 5 habits you should abandon before trying to get pregnant

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Stop in the name of babies.

Habits women should abandon if they want to get pregnant play Habits women should abandon if they want to get pregnant (Courtesy)

Trying to get pregnant can be a tall order for some and as easy as putting on a glove for others.

But to increase your chances of successfully conceiving, there are things you need to stop doing.

While some are obvious such as curtailing alcohol and abandoning smoking, others may come as a bit of a surprise as they are day-to-day habits that you take for granted.

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Here are 5 things you should stop doing if you want to get pregnant.

1. Taking caffeine

Reduce your intake of coffee. Research is conflicted as to whether coffee can cause or prevent miscarriages. But to be on the safe side, limit your intake of coffee to about two cups of coffee a day. Stop taking soda as well.

2. Eating junk food

You need to maintain an ideal weight. By skimping on junk food, you help keep fit. Studies have also shown that gorging on hamburgers and pizza can reduce the chances of successfully getting pregnant.

3. Stress

Being stressed can affect your fertility. You should aim to be relaxed and avoid any situations likely to invoke feelings of anxiety.

4. Alcohol

Experts recommend that you stop drinking six months prior to any attempts to conceive.

5. Painkillers

Research shows painkillers like ibuprofen and paracetamol have long lasting health impacts on the fertility of an infant. Painkillers can also reduce your success rate of conceiving.