Trends Teeth nails are the latest weird trend and we don't know what to think

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What the hell?

play Teeth Nails (Nail Sunny)

Every year, we see absolutely crazy trends sweeping the fashion streets.

Be it weird eyebrows, fur nails or putting fake eyelashes in places they do not belong, like in the nostrils…

But who comes up with these trends? I feel like YouTubers and beauty bloggers get bored and try to experiment shit to stir up a debate and have everyone jumping on the topic so that they can get traction.

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Now, the latest trend is teeth nails. Yes, you read that right, teeth nails. As in nails that look like teeth.

Seriously? Gif (Giphy)


This trend went viral after a Facebook page by the name MetDaan Nails posted a video of the process of getting teeth nails done and captioned it "Teeth Nails trend? Yes or No?"

A post that elicited a lot of funny comments, such as "When you want to be a Dentist but you can only do nails." 

This is how they look like.

play Teeth Nails (Nail Sunny)


In fact, you can get braces on them if you dig that...

play Teeth Nails (Colors_ai)


Or shark teeth if that floats your boat?

play Teeth nails trend (Instagram jackweildmd)


Well…if you’re so so about the trend, you can get teeth nail art instead? Maybe?

play Teeth nail art (Instagram vannessabeezkeez)


Lol. What do you think about the trend? Fashion or madness?

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