Ebola New ebola outbreak confirmed in East Africa after 10 months

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17 deaths were reported.

Ebola Virus| New outbreak of Ebola confirmed in DRC play Ebola Virus| New outbreak of Ebola confirmed in DRC (Courtesy)

The health ministry of the Democratic Republic of Congo has confirmed two cases of ebola in the country. Ending a ten month streak of being ebola-free.

The ministry said that five samples were taken on Tuesday from suspected cases in Bikoro which is located in the northwest.

Of the five which were tested in he National Institute of Biological Research in Kinshasa, two came back positive for Ebola.

Time  reports that the ministry also added that since they were notified of the possibility of the outbreak on May 3rd, no deaths have been reported among those hospitalized or among health workers assisting.

It will also be sending experts and more health workers to help contain the disease.

However, CNN reports that there have been 17 deaths after 21 suspected cases.

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Ebola is viral disease that affects humans and primates.

The virus is transmitted to people from wild animals and spreads in the human population through human-to-human transmission. The average case fatality rate is around 50%.

This is the 9th outbreak of the disease in DRC since 1976.

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