Weight management How eating food for your blood type can help you lose weight

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Diet and exercise to follow based on your blood type.

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A naturopathic doctor has designed a diet plan which suggests what you are supposed to eat based on your blood type.

In his book Eat Right By Your Type, Peter D'Adamo, theorises that your blood type is an important genetic factor that influences many areas of your health.

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Eating and exercising as dictated by your blood type will help you become the healthiest version of yourself.

1. Blood Type A

  • Eat a vegetarian diet.
  • Eat pure, fresh, non-processed foods.
  • Do yoga, tai chi and meditation.

2. Blood Type B

  • Steer clear of foods like corn, wheat, buckwheat, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts, and sesame seeds because these can supposedly mess with their metabolism and make them gain weight.
  • Avoid chicken
  • Eat goat, lamb, mutton, rabbit, green vegetables, eggs, and low-fat dairy
  • Do mixed martial arts, cycle, hike, and golf

3. Blood Type O

  • Avoid simple carbs and grains because type Os allegedly have higher levels of stomach acid, which, combined with these foods, can lead to bodily inflammation
  • Perform cardiovascular and muscular skeletal exercises such as running.

4. Blood Type AB

  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol in stressful situations
  • Eat tofu, seafood and diary
  • Avoid smoked and cured meats as they increase the risk of stomach cancer according to the author
  • Eat smaller more frequent meals
  • Do several high intensity training workouts followed by calming exercises

Is it safe?

The diet is considered safe by experts as it doesn't advocate for the elimination of necessary food groups.

It may help you lose weight by default because it encourages users to eat less processed foods and helps you stick to an activity routine.

There’s no scientific evidence that eating based on your blood type works.

The Blood Type Diet can help you lose weight, not because your blood type really impacts what you should be eating but due to the fact that all variations recommend exercise and eating healthy.

Source: Men's Health.

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