Usually, no one wakes up and decides to bring their life to an end from the blues.

The process begins early only that we may never notice it.

As the world celebrates the World Suicide Prevention Day today, it’s important to know some of the signs of someone who is suicidal. This way, we can help prevent more deaths by reaching out to anyone with such signs.

Check out some common signs that suicidal people have:

1. Verbal warnings

Although not everyone will talk about their plans to end their lives, some will. And sadly, we hardly take it serious. When someone says things like ‘life is not worth it’, ‘I wish I was not born’, ‘I am tired of trying’, ‘no one understands me’ or even goes ahead to warn that they will commit suicide, things are definitely not juicy. When they don’t get help, such people end up committing suicide.

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2. Excessive moodiness

If you notice a person is suddenly changing their moods, they could be in trouble. The moods may change from extreme sadness to extreme anger for no apparent reason.

3. Hopelessness

Many youths have committed suicide due to hopelessness. If someone repeatedly shows their hopeless and helpless state, they could be suicidal. Such a person will say of how tired they are of trying to get a job, and they are pessimistic about tomorrow.

4. Withdrawal

This a major sign of someone who is suicidal. They prefer being alone and avoid being with friends, family and being in any social activities. Try reaching out to such a person and see if they need help.

5. Change in behavior and personality

A person who has plans to commit suicide may change their behavior and even their appearance. They may no longer mind their words or observe hygiene probably because they no longer care about life.

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6. Preparations

Some people literally prepare and plan for their death. They may start visiting friends and family, writing a will, and putting their business in order so that everything is okay when they die.

7. Sleeping problems

They could also experience sleeping difficulties. They can either sleep too much or too little.