When a couple is having problems getting a child, the cause is always blamed on the woman. But the man could also be the issue as to why they are not getting pregnant.

If a man has a low sperm count, then the couple can take longer to conceive. Low sperm count or oligospermia is when the man’s semen produced during orgasm has fewer than normal sperms. According to Mayo Clinic, one is considered to have a low sperm count when they have fewer than 15 million sperms per milliliter of semen. Although men with a low sperm count are still able to make babies, the odds are lower as compared to someone with a normal sperm count.

Some common causes of low sperm count include:

1. Intense heat

mn using laptop(EyeEm)

If the testicles are continuously subjected to intense heat, it could affect a man’s sperm count. Men whose jobs involve sitting for long hours like long-distance drivers are a risk of having low sperm count. Wearing tight clothing, long hot baths and placing the computer on the laps also heats up the scrotum affecting the sperm count.

2. Drugs and substance abuse

This has been shown to affect the production of sperms as well as lowering the quality of the sperms produced. If you care about your fertility, consider quitting drugs such as marijuana and cocaine.

3. Smoking tobacco

man smoking(ThyBlackMan)

Women who are trying to get pregnant are always advised to stop smoking tobacco. But tobacco smoking affects men’s fertility as well. Smoking affects as the sperm’s volume, motility as well as their ability to swim towards the egg.

4. Obesity

Fat black man.

If you are trying to conceive, the two of you should start by getting physically fit. Being overweight lowers the testosterone levels, yet it is such an important hormone when it comes to sperm production.

5. Stress

Both physical and emotional stress leads to low sperm count. If you have been having a problem getting pregnant, overthinking it will only make it harder.

6. Infection

Infections cause low sperm count in men(PlushCare)

Some infections such as epididymis, orchitis and some STIs like gonorrhea and HIV also affects a man’s sperm count.