If you are wondering whether you have crossed the closeness line in your relationship to the point where you are now over-attached to your partner, you should ask yourself these three questions and provide honest answers to yourself.

The answers you give will help determine whether you are healthily close to your man or whether you are literally joint at the hip [annoying and unhealthy].

Sometimes people want to be left alone and that's just fine. It does not always mean that something is wrong. [Credit: Video Block]

1.   Are you emotionally over dependent?

It is only normal for partners in a relationship to coexist in a manner that allows them rely on each other for some level of emotional aid. That is pretty much normal and quite healthy.

What is not healthy is when one partner begins to derive all of their emotional needs from the other.

Over depending on your partner for your emotional balance and wellbeing is not cool. So when you find yourself on this other side of line, you better know you are getting overly attached to your partner.

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2.   Trying to live their life for them

No matter how much you love your man or woman, they would still have to make decisions and go through life by themselves. Trying to have your life run totally by your partner, or trying to control how they live and move just so you can selfishly spend an inordinate amount of time with them is also not a cool idea.

Giving up too much of your life to meet the demands of a partner's life may sometimes be really unhealthy, too. [Credit: Lionsgate]

3.   Unhealthy sacrifices

Discarding a great job or learning opportunity just to remain with a boyfriend or girlfriend is not so wise, especially when you have been hoping and working hard towards snagging that chance.

Just as this is one sacrifice quite too big and unwise to make, so are there several others that you really have to think more than twice before making.