Man caught naked with two women in hot tub stabbed to death by girlfriend

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Witnesses said his intestines were hanging out of his stomach

play Man caught naked with two women in hot tub stabbed to death by girlfriend (Courtesy)

A woman has been found guilty of stabbing her boyfriend to death after she caught him naked in a hot tub with two other women.

Prosecutors said the 39-year-old was nude in the water with a two male pals - while one woman had stripped to her underwear and another sat on the rim of the tub dangling her feet in.

The suspect, Harris, 21, leaned out of a window and shouted, "Are you actually getting naked whilst other girls are there?"

When she realized what was happening - she added: "Don't you dare."


After Mr Pearson pulled her in - branding her 'boring' and 'embarrassing' - she poured a bottle of solvent cleaner into the water then stormed back into the house and cut the power to the hot tub and outside music.

The other guests decided to go home, leaving a naked Mr Pearson to follow Harris inside the semi-detached house, the court heard.

But when one of the women went into the house she found Harris, who said: "What have I done? What have I done?"

Intestines hanging

Witnesses described seeing a "big wound" in Mr Pearson's stomach with "his "intestines hanging out."

Jurors were told Mr Pearson was lying on his back, with his torso on the landing and his legs on the bathroom floor, mumbling: "What's happened?"

"He began to slip in and out of consciousness and it was plain that he was fading fast."

He died following three blood transfusions and surgery to try to repair his injuries.

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