A woman was allegedly raped by her pastor who took advantage of her while pretending to be extorting evil spirits.

The victim, a 25-year old woman from Makueni had sought for prayers in the pastor’s house together with others before the pastor turned against her.

According to what the victim told police, she had visited the pastor for special prayers in company of her sister-in-law and her mother-in-law.

Seperate blessings

She narrated that when they arrived at the pastor’s “prayer room”, the pastor intervened explaining to them the need for every individual to be prayed for separately, for separate blessings, something that prompted each to enter the room alone.

The alleged raped woman was the last to enter the room where the pastor was waiting only to come out and narrate to others how the pastor had raped her in pretext of “marching out” demons as reported by the Standard.


She further said that when she asked the pastor of his deeds, he said he was in the process of squeezing out demons possessing her.

The police report read, “After the session with the pastor, she moved out to narrate to others what she had gone through with an aim of establishing whether the rest of her family members had been subjected to the same style of “prayers”.

The pastor went into hiding after realizing that police were looking for him over the alleged rape.