Prophet Yohana God told me to marry 48 wives - States Kenyan Prophet

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He claims God told him to marry many wives so as not to commit adultery

play Nabii Yohana(V) with one of his wives. God told me to marry 48 wives - States Kenyan Prophet (SDE)

Self-proclaimed Kenyan prophet Nabii Yohana (V) from Nandolia village, Bukembe West Ward Kanduyi Constituency, who has married 39 wives and has 103 children and 232 grandchildren, says God told him to marry up to 48 wives to avoid committing adultery.

Three of his wives are deceased yet he says he’s not done.

“God chooses these wives for me. I have never dated any of them but God brings them to me,” he said. “And according to God’s word, I’m supposed to marry up to 48 wives so that I don’t commit adultery,”
says the man who has never shaved since birth.


Nabii who is a strict vegetarian has five homes: Six of his wives live in Soi, Lugari Sub County, five in Kimilili, five in Chereng’any, 16 in Kakamega town and four are in Kitale town.

He revealed that his wives cook for him saga, suja (bitter vegetables) and murenda. He doesn’t eat meat.

Originally born Ronald Nakalila Wanyama, Nabii claims that he is the reincarnated John the Baptist.

John The Baptist

“I am John the Baptist who was beheaded. I lived as a white man in the US and now Africa where I’ll live for 280 years,” he said, adding that, “According to the prophecy God gave me, I will die but resurrect and live for another 2,700 years.”

Nabii claims that he is on a mission to, “Save mankind from corruption, homosexuality and bad governance. I am the way, the truth and the last prophet sent by God.”

But to perform this role, he has revised the current bible because it's outdated.

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