After discovering that his wife had been cheating on him with another man, Emmanuel Kakungulu did the unthinkable.

Kakungulu, a farmer in a Ugandan district of Butebo, decided to offer his wife to the man, Agapitus Okalang, she was cheating him with.

The farmer couldn't take it in anymore because he was "tired of their continued affair", according to Daily Monitor.

He said during a meeting at Okalang's home that: "I have willingly surrendered and decided to leave this woman to you. You can have her, I don’t want anything to do with her anymore."

The woman's new husband was directed to "refund the dowry of two cows, one goat and UGX100,000" which Kakungulu paid years ago.

Area authorities and residents condemned Okalang's cheating habit saying it is "totally unacceptable".