HIV/AIDS 'healer' arrested in Uganda

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He was found with a lot of herbs

play HIV/AIDS 'healer' arrested in Uganda (DM)

Authorities in Uganda have arrested a man claiming that he can cure HIV/AIDS.

Emmanuel Ndali believes he can cure the virus in 15 days.

The 'healer' told Health Monitoring Unit personnel that the cure cost UGX1m for each dose.

The dose is of 10 litres of liquid herbs and the patient gets it in phases -- five litres for each phase.

How he was arrested

Ndali was arrested by officials from the Health Monitoring Unit. The officers tracked him by calling the contact he uses of his street posters advertising his HIV/AIDS cure.

He was reportedly found with several jerrycans of the cure and sacks of herbs.

"The liquid herbs will be subjected to laboratory tests in order to ascertain whether it has an active ingredient," authorities said.

The total number of adults and children of all ages living with HIV in Uganda is estimated to be approximately 1.3 million.

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