Kwale County Diani beach boy fleeces Swedish tourist and leaves her penniless

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She claims to have high blood pressure, a heart problem, a lung problem and a virus

play Ann Rumbek. Diani beach boy fleeces Swedish tourist and leaves her penniless (edaily)

Ann Rumbek, a Swedish National has been stranded in Diani, Kwale County after she ran out of money. The lady who is in her sixties, says she took a loan to build a house which she and her Kenyan lover, only identified as Hamisi, would live in.

The construction is yet to be complete, and her money is completely depleted. Ms Rumbek did not reveal the exact amount of money she borrowed from a shylock, who has since confiscated her passport.

“I took a loan because I thought we could make our life better here (Kwale) in building and whatever (sic). And now they have to hold the passport as a guarantee; and I don’t have the needed Ksh50, 000 to take back my passport to be able to go back home,” she said.


Ms Rumbek claims she needs to return to Sweden urgently so as to receive medical care.

“I have high blood pressure, heart problem, lung problem and a virus (sic). I really need to go back to Sweden for treatment and I don’t have the money,” she said.

She also says she is too broke to an extent she is sleeping hungry.

“I have to start thinking of selling my phone and clothes so that I can raise money for food,” she said.


She accuses Hamisi, who is in his thirties, of embezzling her money.

“He is just drinking alcohol and neglecting me. It is causing me a lot of stress. I do not have anything to eat. I don’t have money,” said Ms Rumbek.

Hamisi, however, says from the beginning, her relationship with Ms Rumbek was founded on fun; and nothing else.

“For the 4 years we have been together, we have never had any investment. She is not a business-minded woman; and there was no way I could force her into doing what she did not did not want to do. The money was not mine,” said Mr Hamisi.