Zari Hassan recently took to Snapchat to rubbish the furniture in Diamond’s new house.

In a post on the social site, Zari showed off King Bae’s palatial mansion which she praised for it’s custom made furniture which was unlike Diamond’s garish Chinese furniture.

“Furniture sio za ki china, ni custom made. Ma picture kila kona,” she wrote.

Zari's post
Zari's post

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Her salty post comes days after Diamond’s sister Esma said that Tanasha is not dramatic like some of Diamond’s exes who liked to flaunt his house. Although Esma did not specify which of Diamond’s exes behaved like that, Zari seemed to take offense.

Esma’s declaration came after she was asked in an interview how Tanasha differs from Diamond’s previous girlfriends.

“Kuna tofauti nyingi sana. Kwa sababu kuna wengine mawifi zangu wana drama. Angekuwa mwingine ile nyumba ya Mbezi tungeshaijua kila sehemu lakini Tanasha anaweza kukaa hata wiki mbili bila kupost chochote,” Esma said.

King Bae’s mansion

Zari’s fiancé’s mansion has been a regular on her Snapchat with the boss lady flaunting the big mansion when it was first bought, taking fans through the decor process and giving fans a tour of the sprawling mansion.

In a series of videos she shared on SnapChat, the mother of five could not hide her excitement as she checked out the house together with her man.

Zari Hassan and KingBae new house
Zari Hassan and KingBae new house

The mansion is not the only declaration of King Bae’s financial might. Before the purchase of the mansion, Zari had disclosed that she will be getting a custom-made ring from her man.

She also revealed that she would receive a Bentley as her engagement present making it clear that all the expensive cars (Bentley, Porsche, Ferrari) she has been cruising in belong to KingBae who is allegedly a very influential person in South Africa.

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