Winnie Nwagi is in her last days at Swangz Avenue music label and has set plans of quitting and going solo just like her former group mate Irene Ntale.

We have gathered information which shows how the singer is sulking over a concert. The singer believes she has made her name on the musical scene and can stand to hold a concert.

On the other hand, her bosses are still adamant to organize a concert for her. Rumour has it that her bosses feel it is not yet time for the singer to stand on her own.

Also, it is believed that Winnie Nwagi is not happy with Swangz Avenue bosses as she is depressed for not giving her enough time to record and release new music as it is also divided away and given to Vinka.

Nwagi has been threatening to leave Swangz even ever since they celebrated 10 years anniversary in August last year with Tarrus Riley as she demands an album and concert to renew her contract with the label.