Willis Raburu Willis Raburu excites fans with incredible weight loss after marriage (Photo)

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Willis Raburu weight loss play

Willis Raburu and his wife

(Instagram/Willis Raburu)

While most people gain a sizeable amount of weight after tying the knot, Willis Raburu has moved towards a leaner figure.

This is after hitting the gym after receiving worrying news about his cholesterol levels.

play Willis Raburu post weight loss (Instagram/Willis Raburu)


“I visited Doctor Wangata and he ran a couple of tests and told me I was not doing too well on my cholesterol levels. So I reached out to my trainer now Evelyn Owala of Eveal Health and Fitness and started the journey.” He disclosed on Tizi talks.

At first, his wife was a bit resistant to his weight loss as she did not want him to lose any weight.

“I prayed to God to give me a nice, dark, tall guy. A guy who is a bit plump because I love plump guys,” She revealed on Raburu's Youtube channel.

play Willis and his wife on their big day (Instagram/ Willis)


Despite her initial resistance to her husband’s weight loss, Mrs Raburu supported the TV personality’s weight loss decision and is now his biggest supporter.

“My wife told me that it is important to work for myself. Not because of people's pressure; not because of what people say; not because of wanting to prove a point to anybody but a decision that I have to work out for myself,” Willis said.

play Willis Raburu takes a post work out mirror selfie (Instagram/Willis Raburu)

Aside from the health benefits, Willis has seen a boost in his self-esteem.

“I am more confident now. My esteem is way up, I know it’s hard to believe it was down. It made a difference in my pocket too because now I have to shop for new clothes, but it is a good problem hahaha!” He said.

The 10 over 10 host took to his Instagram page to flaunt his incredible weight loss, a transformation that has excited fans. He shared a side by side photo of himself on his wedding day and another photo wearing his wedding garment to show just how much he has lost.

play Willis' incredible weight loss that has excited fans (Instagram)

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