Radio and Weasel I'm rich & tired of singing - Weasel

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Weasel is furious and his statement is breaking his fans

Singer Douglas Sseguya, better known as Weasel, has said he is tired of singing while reacting to critics.

In a viral audio clip, the singer is heard saying that people should leave him alone.

The singer added that he is a "rich guy" who is "even tired of singing" and is enjoying his money -- urging his critics to learn how to mind their business.

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Furious Weasel also commented about Radio's death saying "people should accept and deal with his death or go and exhume his body and eat it" if you can.

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Radio's death

Since his singing group mate died, Weasel has been pressurized by his fans who continue to level him to the late Mowzey Radio.

In March, he temporarily fired his manager citing disrespect and forcing his to work when he is stressed -- by over booking shows.

A month later, Weasel he said he is going to prove people wrong by releasing a song every day.

Mowzey Radio died in February after sustaining head injuries during a brawl.