Weasel is currently handling legal battles over the late Mowzey Radio's music.

Authorities warned Weasel and any other person against performing or releasing the late Radio's music without permission.

On January 25th, the listening party of Radio's posthumous album dubbed 'Moses The Great', almost hit a snag after several court orders.

While talking to the press, Weasel said some persons are against and want to stop him from performing songs he recorded with Radio -- who died on February 1st 2018.

Radio & Weasel Radio & Weasel

Weasel's latest song 'God's Grace' is a revelation of what he is going through after the death of his music group member.

Last year, Weasel said he hasn't been the same ever since Radio died following severe injuries on the brain after a bar brawl in Entebbe.

"God's Grace" is Weasel's second song in a period of one year.

On Wednesday, Frank Ssekibogo, late Radio's brother, accused Weasel and his team of fighting his family and excluding them in anything concerning the late singer.

"I heard about it but it's so sad that they left me out during the organisation yet as a family we are supposed to be part of anything that involves Mowzey," Ssekibogo told local media.