Urban TV on Tuesday announced that it has laid off the majority of its employees as restructuring starts.

Some of the TV's popular names including Timothy CODE, Dzyre and Denis Woniala have since taken to social media to announce to their fans of the abrupt management decision.

The Vision Group based TV said it is still 'committed to serving you unrivalled content to entertain, inform and educate'.

Here are the names of Urban TV employees who were terminated on Tuesday.

Phillip Namayo - Producer

Ivan Seruwagi - Producer

Emilly MWe - Producer & News Anchor

Dzyre D - Producer Sports Presenter

Timothy CODE - Presenter

Abdul Nor - Video Editor

Ibrahim - Video Editor

Elijah Male - Video Editor

Paul Wanyala - Video Editor

Damalie Nabosa - Producer, Anchor, Presenter

Denis Mukisa - Video Editor

Gideon Mukisa - Video Editor

Ivan Muyunga - Video Editor

Aminah Nabirye - Social Media Executive

Rachel Nakiwala - Reporter

Jaliat Namuwaya - Reporter

Dius Walugembe - Reporter

Denis Woniala(Denis Duke) - Anchor and Reporter

Emmanuel Lubega - Reporter