Ugandans searched most about these celebrities in 2018, according to Google Trends.

The late singer Mowzey Radio, Bobi Wine, King Saha among others topped searches on Google.

1. Radio Mowzey

Radio died early this year in February after sustaining severe brain injuries after a bar fight.

His sudden death shocked the nation with thousands of people attending the burial ceremony.

The prime suspect in his murder case is still in detention facing murder charges.

2. Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine, formally known as Robert Kyagulanyi, is the musician who turned MP of Kyadondo East in 2017.

His brutal arrest mid-August for allegedly pelting stones to the presidential motorcade caused an international outcry.

He says he was tortured by Ugandan soldiers while in detention at a military facility.

Wine, 36, was later allowed to fly abroad to received specialised treatment for the injuries he said he sustained in detention.

3. King Saha

Musician King Saha makes a surprise appearance to the most searched topics on Google.

He has had an incredible year with his momentous songs. His collaboration with Weasel of Goodlyfe after Radio's death fueled a controversy.

A section of Ugandans continues to accuse him of mimicking and trying to fit in Radio's 'shoes that don't fit'.

4. Goodlyfe Crew

After the death of Radio, Weasel remained as the only member of the Goodlyfe music duo.

The continuity of the group hangs in balance as Weasel faces criticism and backlash for failing to move forward the legacy he had created with Radio.

Some people believe King Saha is the perfect replacement of Radio if Goodlyfe is to survived.

5. Sheebah Karungi

Arguably Uganda's most successful female musician of 2018, Sheebah was one of the most searched topics on YouTube.

She recently concluded her 'Omwooyo' concert which attracted hundreds of people at Hotel Africana.

Earlier this year, she was embroiled in controversy with Uganda's Pornography Control Committee threatening to arrest her over what they described as 'indecent dressing'.

6. Ykee Benda

Often described as 'Kireka Boy' Ykee Benda has had a great share of 2018.

He has released some of the best music videos.

Ykee Benda also collaborated on the official remix of the World Cup song with American musician Jason Derulo and a pool of other African musicians.